Experiencing domestic abuse, sexual assault, or other similar types of trauma can feel isolating and debilitating. Before becoming a therapist, Tali Elitzur encountered a series of traumatic experiences that affected her similarly. Like many other survivors, she did not have the resources or knowledge to connect with the appropriate helpers for many year.

Tali ultimately decided that enough was enough, and connected with a therapist who helped her turn her life around by encouraging her to truly look in the mirror and take ownership over her own life story. What followed was a series of “aha! moments" during which she was able to learn ways to start healing pain from the past, and how to make mindful choices in the present. She went on to become a therapist, specializing in working with survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence, and ultimately founded Aha! Moment.

Aha! was the solution to what Tali wished was available when she needed help: a platform for getting the community to know who the helpers are before they (or someone they know) actually need help; and a resource for learning the connections between emotions, thoughts, and actions. The Aha! Team is dedicated to helping survivors connect with appropriate support, and to educating helpers and the members of the community about effective ways of connecting with and understanding survivors.